How to Determine your Health Insurance Subsidy

Subsidy for Health InsuranceI attended a seminar about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Individual subsidy yesterday that was hosted by Anthem, also known as Blue Cross of California.

I learned a lot of new information about how the landscape with health insurance is going change over the next couple years.

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Scope of the Health Insurance Subsidy

One of the most interesting aspects I found out is that in the California Central Valley (Bakersfield to Redding)

“California is expecting 67% of the Central Valley population will qualify for some form of subsidy with their Health Insurance premium and/or benefits.”

While we are sure these rates are not going to be 100% accurate, we do believe it will be close and you should be able to obtain a descent idea of your rates. “Rates for Health Insurance Plans have not yet been provided to California, but carriers will be required to provide this information by March 29th 2013” Steven Smith, Small group RSM for Anthem. “

If you have affordable insurance from your employer you will not be eligible for these cost-saving programs and the calculator will not apply to you. Affordable Health Insurance is determined with an employer sponsored health insurance plan if the employee only cost for insurance does not exceed 9.5% of the W-2 wages.

How to Calculate your Health Insurance Subsidy

Covered California is a website that is being managed by the State of California and has a built in calculator to determine what is expected to be your monthly premium and what the government is going to pay for your Health Insurance premium.

This calculator does not factor Geographic information into the equation. The more rural you are, the greater your premium will be, as your premiums increase so will your Subsidy. The basic formula is if you are making more ten 250% of the Federal poverty income your subsidy will pay all premiums over 9.5% of you Household income.

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Health Insurance Subsidy Calculator

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