Are You Eligible for a Subsidy?

With the new health care benefit comes due diligence on behalf of the small business owner. As with so many other IRS requirements, things may become convoluted or confused when trying to interpret their guidelines. We will try and define three elements you may use to determine eligibility for this government subsidy. You are an … Continue reading “Are You Eligible for a Subsidy?”

Small Business Tax Credits: It’s Time to Take Out Your Calculator!

Small business is the backbone of this country and it pays the majority of the taxes. We built this country on the sweat and hard work of small businesses just like yours, and that trend will only continue. Small business has provided opportunity for immigrants and citizens alike to grow wealth and provide their families … Continue reading “Small Business Tax Credits: It’s Time to Take Out Your Calculator!”

Tax Credit to Subsidize Health Insurance Premiums for Small Businesses

After talking with our small business clients, we realize that most of them are not even aware of the availability of the Small Business Tax Credit. We understand the importance of this credit and we thought it would be good for every small business owner to find out if they qualify for this benefit. We … Continue reading “Tax Credit to Subsidize Health Insurance Premiums for Small Businesses”

Health Care Reform Definitions

Adult Children The term means children, whether natural, adopted or foster, who are older than age 18 but younger than 26 years of age. It is important to note that adult children eligible to become enrolled on their parents’ plan do not have to be “dependents” of their parents, as defined by the IRS. Adult … Continue reading “Health Care Reform Definitions”

Understanding the “Look-Back”, “Stability” and “Administrative” Period

As a business owner you need to understand how the “Look-Back”, “Stability” and “Administrative” periods will affect your business and health insurance programs. The IRS will use the “Look-Back”, “Stability” and “Administrative” periods for each one of your employees to determine discrimination and compliance in Obamacare. The IRS will use these periods to determine the fines you will be subject to for each employee.

Covered California releases New Health Reform Benefit Plans

California has released the only 12 options you will have if you buy your insurance through the exchange. You will notice these benefits are substantially better they what is currently offered in the market place. The benefits you will be a primary driver for the projected 80% rate increase that will occur effective January 1st 2014.

How to Determine your Health Insurance Subsidy

I attended a seminar about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Individual subsidy yesterday that was hosted by Anthem, also known as Blue Cross of California. I learned a lot of new information about how the landscape with health insurance is going change over the next couple years. If you find this information helpful please … Continue reading “How to Determine your Health Insurance Subsidy”

2013 Health Insurance Tax Increases

House Ways and Means Committee recalculated the net impact of all taxes in the new law, concluding that the 21 new taxes imposed under the act would cost taxpayers more than $675 billion over its first 10 years

How Will Obama Care Impact Your California Health Insurance Premium?

PPACA law (Obama Care) has new healthcare regulations being released at a dramatic rate. Find out the criteria California carriers will be using to determine new rates and how it will impact your health insurance premiums.